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Search Engine Optimization - The Foundation of Internet Marketing

Is simply having a Web site enough? No. Your site MUST be properly optimized for before you even consider releasing it to the world! Whether a new site or an old site, our staff can help you to expand your reach on the Internet and drive targeted traffic to your site through search engine optimization (a type of Internet marketing) and social media marketing tactics.

Once a Web site is indexed by a search engine it can take up to 9 months for your site to start achieving good ranking. Are you willing to wait that long just to see how you did?
We're not afraid to show you our client's LIVE rankings nor our prices! We're one of the few firms that are CONFIDENT enough to offer this type of information on our Web site. That's one of the things that makes us different from other search engine marketing firms. If we're not confident in our services, why should you be?

Optimize your site right the first time to enjoy the traffic later!

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The Basics

If your SEO professional isn't performing the BASIC tasks below, you're not with the right company.

Pre Analysis - What's your competition up to?

  • Market Analysis - Client fills out a small form
  • Brief Keyword Phrases Research - A few keyword phrases are found and analyzed
  • Competition Examination - we examine your online competitors and study the niche of your service/product/business.

Keyword Research & Analysis - The Most Important Step

  • We evaluate the keyword phrases in your seed list. Are people searching on these phrases? If not, what ARE they searching on to find your services/products?
  • We use your seed list to generate keyword phrases that might have been missed or not considered. Surprisingly, there is usually a BIG difference in what phrases people actually use when searching vs. what we *think* they search on.
  • Keyword phrases are tested for popularity (search volume, how many searches a year)
  • Keyword phrases are analyzed for competitiveness
  • A set of keyword phrases is developed that will be incorporated into your SEO project.

Meta Tags, Title and Copy - The "Meat"

  • We create description and keyword Meta tags using your researched keyword phrases (while not considered by search engine ranking algorithms, these tags do have other important uses)
  • Our clients typically like to create their own content we've found out over the years, however we can add a copywriter to your project if needed. We coach all our clients on *best practices* when creating content for their Web site.
  • Page titles are carefully crafted for each page utilizing the researched keyword phrases

Elements We Evaluate - Technical, Back-End Practices

Elements We Create (a sample)

  • Enticing Description Meta Tags
  • Carefully Crafted Page Titles
  • New Pages as Needed
  • Site Interlinking Utilizing Strategically Selected Anchor Text
  • Site Map (both an XML map and a properly done HTML site map for your users)
  • Responsive (not Adaptive) sites are created when using the WordPress platform. All new sites created are now put into WordPress automatically along with the appropriate plugins (forms, backups w/emails, spam protection... basically whatever a client needs. WordPress has literally thousand of pluggins that a free to use to accomplish certain tasks that would have to be programmed otherwise).

Reports - Track your Progress

  • Initial Benchmarking (Before SEO begins)
  • Depending on your package, you'll be sent reports by request. Some clients like to see reports, others don't. We do what YOU want, up to 4 times a year.
  • Metric reports (on demand, up to 4 a year), thorough metrics analysis, 24/7 access to your stats (if you use Google Analytics AND these reports can be set up to be sent to you using our custom dashboard), broken link checks (and repair), traffic analysis, consulting, form audits and more!

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