Web Site Evaluation & Website Audit

Is your web site ready for search engines AND humans users?

If you are selling a product or a service from your Web site, it's important that people can find you in the search engines as well as USE your Web site without getting lost (usability). Submitting your site to search engines is merely not enough in today's SEO world, nor is it an accepted practice these days.

Search engines look for specific practices and tactics within your Web site before they assign ranking consideration. Was your site designed around a search engine optimization plan? Not considering SEO OR usability from the beginning could cost you not being indexed/crawled by the search engines at all.

Are you willing to accept this?

When we audit your Web site we check to see if it meets the CURRENT criteria required to capture the attention of the major search engines and as well as human users. When completed we will deliver to you a detailed report containing suggestions, tips and recommendation to help your Web site win in the search engines. We can make the changes for you at our current hourly fee or you can have your Webmaster do them - it's up to you!

Web Site Evaluation & Audit - $2000

Our audit examines the key factors on your Web site and determine what should be changed in order for your Web site to be "search engine friendly" and search engine compatible. The last thing you want is a site that goes against Google's Terms of Service (TOS) which could cause your site to not rank well at ALL. We send a detailed PDF report outlining our findings along with suggestions to make your site optimal for the search engines and most importantly, for humans using your site. This is a great report for Webmasters that want to help their client's Web sites as the report gives exact instructions on what needs to be changed and why. This service also comes with 30 minutes of consulting - phone or E-mail, it's up to you!

Your audit will go over the following areas and elements:

Design Elements
Color / Contrast / Visibility
Image Optimization / Alt Tags
Splash Page

Alt Tags
Browser Compatibility
Content Analysis
Download Time
HTML Validation & Errors
Meta Tag Analysis and Creation

Keyword Phrases
Alt Tag
Body Text
Header Tags
Targeted Phrases

Link Analysis
Back Links Profile
Broken Link Check
Relative vs. Absolute
Site Interlinking & Anchor Text

Navigation and Architecture
Consistent & Intuitive Navigation
Mobile Friendly
Primary Navigation Analysis
Site Architecture
Site Maps (HTML and XML)
Text Navigation
User Friendly

Social Media Evaluation
Google ?
LinkedIn usage
Twitter Review

404s & 301s?
Backup Review
Canonicalization Issues?
Domain Usage (redirects, subdomains, et)
Duplicate Content
htaccess File Review
Indexing of Site - What does Google see?
Plugin Review

and more...

We will discuss our other methods when you become our client. We like to keep some of our strategies and formulas to ourselves (unless you are a client) as we believe we have a unique and successful approach to drive targeted traffic to your Web site as our client results and reviews show.