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The Low Down on Social Media

Social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO) are the new "backlink" and many studies show that it's working, there's no doubt about it. You actually get to engage with clients and potential clients, manage your reputation, put out "specials" that only subscribers to get to see and much more. Get used to it and get involved because it's here to stay folks. I'm sure you've noticed that social media EVERYWHERE! From QR tags in magazines, YouTube Videos, Facebook ads on television, all the way to *follow me on Twitter* pleas posted everywhere you look. Are you on board? If so, are you engaging with potential clients correctly, efficently and effectively? If you want to learn how to leverage social medial marketing to supplement your existing website look no further. As with all things advertising, one solution doesn't fit all. That's why it's imperative to consult with a team of seasoned and creative Internet marketing professionals. Hey! That would be us!

Consulting (set up your Twitter background, Facebook page, G page - a one time fee) or full blown Social Media Marketing solutions on a weekly or monthly basis by seasoned experts and writers - we'll do it all for you! Contact us to discuss our Social Media packages. Don't be left behind!

Whether you're needing a custom designed Twitter background to match your existing Web site or a professional team (writers and marketers with masters degrees!) to do your blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, G+ - we totally have you covered! Contact us to discuss what social media marketing (SMM) tactics will work best for your industry. Join your local competition and get on board with the most advanced marketing technique to date by letting us concentrate on your social media marketing while you concentrate on what you do best!

Social Media Services & Consulting
One Time Set Up (NO Management!)
Set it and quit it - You do the rest!

Blogs Custom Design & Set Up - ($100/hr) We can set up a blog for you that matches your Web site - either as part of your Web site or a 3rd party solution. Prices vary as there are different platforms we can use. There some great FREE solutions out there!
Facebook Custom Design & Set Up - ($100/hr) We'll set up your Facebook Page (a Facebook "Page" is for business and has the "like" feature). Installation of apps, landing pages and a custom look (typical cost is around ~$300)
LinkedIn Set Up ($250 one time fee) - Set up your LinkedIn profile that features what YOU do best!
Social Media Consulting - We'll give you our guides on best practices for each of the services we set up.
Twitter Custom Design ($150 one time fee) - We'll customize your Twitter background to match your Web site
YouTube - Optimization of your YouTube videos - it makes a difference!

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Managed Social Media Services
Our professionals do it ALL for you!     [Several Plans]

We'll Blog, Tweet and 'Facebook' for you!

-Professional Blogging (x blog posts a week by our on-site copy writers)
-Twittering (x engaging and informative tweets a day)
-Facebooking (x Facebook updates a week including promotions, contests, engagemenand more!)
-We increase your followers and presence!

but that's not all...!

Our social media experts can create and maintain your Craigslist account, Yahoo! Local Page, Bing Local Page, G+, Flicker and so much more! Start off small or go "big time" with an assigned rep, activity reports and personal consultations. We have many social media packages to fit your needs AND your budget.


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Make every post count! Every Tweet connect!
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