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Does your site show up on mobile devices?

With more than half of searches being done from a mobile device it's important that your site render properly in mobile devices. That includes cell phones, tablets and phablets! Does your site stand up?

Is your site mobile friendly?

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April 21, 2015 marked the day of Google's *mobile friendly* update. For those of you that have sites that aren't mobile friendly, your rankings could be impacted on mobile search.

How can you fix this? We are currently putting old and new clients into WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System [CMS] out there, with over a million downloads. Not only will your site be responsive in the WP platform, but you can also edit your own content. You can even blog! We highly suggest you make the move, after all, SEO is about keeping up with the 600+ algorithm updates!

Common Questions:

1) Will this hurt my rankings?
No - we use tactics that allow us to make sure your pages don't loose that valuable ranking.

2) Can I edit my own content in WP?
Yes! You will be given your own login to your site where you can edit the content.

3) How long does it take to convert my site?
That depends on on several things: site size, site functionality and existing platform site is in. We typically crank these out for our clients in 5 business days.

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