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At Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC we've learned that no two projects are the same. Since budget is one of the biggest concerns of our clients when it comes to creating a custom and professional Web site we created a list of sample costs below. Please keep in mind that by filling out one of our quote forms you'll get an exact dollar amount assigned to your project as we look at every detail from start to finish. Once we have a signed proposal that price WILL NOT change unless you change the scope (also known as "scope creep"). If you change the scope of the project by adding more work/pages/etc, then your initial quote could be effected.

If you're ready to get started on your Web site you can use our online form to get a web design quote from us - provide as much information as possible! The more the better. We also have a client planning area to help you get started with the design process. Contact us if you need some help!

Current Pricing Structure as of 12/2021

Basic Web Design
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A simple, *static* site costs:
$1000 for custom design
$200 per page to develop

5 Page Site / Cost Breakdown

Home - $200
About Us - $200
Contact Us - $200
Our Services - $200
Products - $200

Design - $1000
$2000 (one time fee!)

This does not include tax but does include the complete design of your site, the development (adding content, adding pictures, adding forms, etc) all the way to making it live on the Internet! Start to finish. One cost, one time.

NOTE: Additional pages added to an existing Web site are $200/page. This includes us integrating your new page into the existing navigation system and site map (if needed).

NOTE: Want just one page? A menu? A "Business Card" site? $500 one time fee. Development is *free*, all you pay for is the design!

* A "static" site is one with no special functionality and no atypical needs - a basic site is just that (like our site!), a basic site. Forms for "contact us" pages, etc do NOT count as a special function of your Web site. Special functionality includes things such as: sliders, slide show, interactive galleries, widget creation, etc. Anything that gives the site that extra functionality.

"Business Card" Web Site $500 / one time fee
Want just one page? A menu? A "Business Card" site? Development is *free*, all you do is send us the content and pay for just the design
Maintenance (Web Site Changes) $100/hr
-15 minute minimum
Broken Link Check $200/one time
Web Site Consulting $100/hr
SEO Consulting $300-500/prepaid blocks of an hour. Discounts are given when hours are bought in bulk.
Search Engine Optimization Full optimization of ~25 pages (we don't count testimonials, contact pages, about us pages) starts at ~$1000/month. ALL PROJECTS are different and will be priced accordingly. This is just an estimate using a standard 25 page site with no extra programming or special functionality. This fee doesn't include the creation of the site.

In some cases we won't suggest SEO unless we think we can make a difference in your Internet marketing. It's not about our bottom line, it's about your bottom line. If you decide to retain us, (and we hope you will!) you'll work with the oldest SEO company in NM; we'll show you how Internet marketing is done RIGHT! Need references? View our LinkedIn page, read our Facebook reviews from clients and visit our feedback page - both are live 24 hours a day!

Shopping Carts & E-Commerce
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BASIC: Our most basic of ECommerce package (accepting funds online in any way) has a $1000 set up fee. A basic ECommerce set up includes the use of a shopping cart and includes UP TO 10 products. One product would fall under this package; things such as a donation button, a buy one now button or add to cart. One product or 10, your minimum fee is $1000 to us.

All E-Commerce projects are different, please fill out our ECommerce quote form if your project doesn't fit our basic offerings above.

Graphic/Logo Design Logos are $150 each. We will give you a worksheet to fill out so we can get an idea of what you want. You'll get one set of 5 concepts and we won't quit revising them until you're happy - unlimited revisions! Additional sets of concepts can be purchased as well.
Digital Photography $150/hour
-on site photography of you and/or your staff
-product photography for your Web site
-portfolio available on request
IDX Setting up your IDX starts at $300, depending on the complexity of your solution, this price might go up. This includes and layout changes to accommodate IDX.
Web Site Audit (for SEO)
Is your site ready for the search engines?
We perform a multitude of tests, analysis and checks on your Web site to insure it's not violating the the ever growing list of "bad practices" of the major search engines. "Best practices", as deemed by the current industry standards, are also evaluated. Why risk your site being banned due to a simple practice you didn't know you were violating? Call in the experts to see how your site stacks up.

We recently added a smaller audit for $750which concentrates on things we deem "major concerns" without going into all the detail of the larger audit. This smaller audit has won us clients based upon our findings.

Deliverable: A detailed report (PDF) of our findings and suggestions.

Web Hosting Plans start at $20/month
Domain Registration $20/year
Social Media
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Blog Custom Design & Set Up - $100/hr
-We can set up a blog for you that matches your Web site - either as part of your Web site or a 3rd party solution. Prices vary as there are different platforms we can use. There are some GREAT free solutions out there!

Facebook Custom Design & Set Up - $100/hr
-Installation of apps, landing pages and a custom look (typical cost is around ~$300)

Google Places - No longer important.

LinkedIn Set Up - $250/one time
-Set up your LinkedIn profile that features what YOU do best!

Twitter Custom Design - $150/one time
-We'll customize your Twitter background to match the "visual" part of your Web site

YouTube - $50/Video
-Optimization of your YouTube videos - it makes a difference! You must have your YouTube video published and on your channel. Have questions on how to do this? Let us know. We consult on best practices.

Social Media Management
Our team of specialized and experienced individuals will do your Bloging, InstaGram, Facebook posting (contests and engaging posts) and Twittering - SUCCESSFULLY! Several interactions a day with some of our packages. References & case studies available.
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Our social media experts can create and maintain your CraigsList listings, Yahoo! Local Page, Bing Local Page, Yelp Listing, listing and whatever else is relevant at the time of your need (some of these services come and go, we stick to what's current in the industry)! Start off small or go "big time" with an assigned rep, activity reports and personal consultations. We have many social media packages to fit your needs AND your budget.

Contact us to learn about our various social media packages.

WordPress Development
Need widgets installed? Custom PHP programming? Your WordPress site functionally customized? If so that would be considered WordPress Development. Let us do magic for you!
Responsive Design

Does your site render properly on mobile phones and other devices? Our team will convert your site to a *responsive* site to ensure your users can see your site regardless of what they use to surf the Internet with.

WordPress Conversion Have you made the move to WordPress yet? Our conversions start at $1500 (10 page site). We will need more information and details about your site in order to give you a more accurate price. Pricing is based on the number of pages a site has as well as functionality.
SSL Certificate Site are required to be secure now, for a one time fee, we'll make sure you're compliant with Google's new security policy.

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