Our Portfolio: Client Feedback & Testimonials

Feedback about our business sites and sites we have developed

"...were I in the market for gourmet popcorn, I'd spend some time shopping on that site. It loaded fast; navigated well; presented info in a fairly straight-forward manner All in all, a good job and a MAJOR improvement over the original."

"You have a great Web site, easy to find your way around, information that is to the point without a lot of non-essential garbage Congratulations."
From Mike M. in Canada

"Enjoyed your site Liked the flow and colors of the site It grabbed then kept my attention."
From Sondra

"I am VERY impressed by your design abilities, and the web pages you have done for your clients. I'm identically impressed by the Clients area that you have for your clients."

"Both of your sites look VERY professional Great navigation system, colors work well, overall great stuff"

"Wow, I'm really impressed! You're so thorough You do beautiful work and look so organized I've got a long way to go, it seems :) "

Feedback From Clients:

"Thanks so much Keli. You are great to work with and I sense that you have a genuine interest in making my site the best it can be, not just going through the process mechanically to make a living. This is very impressive and a little bit rare in today's world!"
From: Kenn @ HolstenGalleries.com

"First off, I want to say thank you. I have no idea how much you interact with other clients you work with, but I greatly appreciate your responsiveness and assistance with all the work we do together. You are honest, helpful and available and I greatly appreciate that. I can always feel your passion for this work and especially your desire to make sure you do the best for your clients. This is why I love working with you. "
From: Joel Garfinkle // International Business Consultant with Clients such as Google, HP, Bank of America and Microsoft!

"Keli - These look like phenomenal numbers to me. You are terrific. Great job, Keli. "
From: Don

"Real thankful I found you.. You do a great job! "
From: Catherine

"I appreciate you thinking of this solution.It's not everyday you do business with people who are not only great at what they do-- but are kind enough to think of ways to try and save their clients money."
From: Seth

"I just wanted to thank you for a great job on the logo Every time at
looked at the old logo, it made me ill The logo you designed looks great! "
From: Dave

"I spent last Thursday teaching myself enough Dreamweaver and Fireworks to maintain and expand the site you created. After that, I made the modifications and additions had told you about, which was much easier than I thought. At the same time, I also realized that it would have taken me forever to learn how to put the web site itself together from scratch. Thus, your services are most welcome and were in fact essential. As I modified the site, I also appreciated the very organized and easy to understand way in which you had put together the directories and their content."
From: Professor Andreas

"Thank you, I really appreciate all your hard work! I love it...you have a great eye!"
From: Seth

"..my site traffic tripled!!"
From: Joseph

"Thanks I really appreciate your late night attention as this is above and beyond."
From: Wendy

"...your professionalism is very impressive!"
From: Kim C.

"Thanks, Keli, for always staying on top on my website needs  I realllllllllllly appreciate it."
From: Susan

"I love my site It's perfect....thanks a bunch."
From: Linda

"We are so pleased with the site !!"
From: Sandra

"thanks Keli I appreciate your professionalism and courtesy. And you are very attentive to the customers. good job"
From: Randall

"I'm so glad you got the changes in so quickly and with so little time."
From: Jana

"Thanks for the upload, and your rapid response to our needs, it's a pleasure to work with you... ...Thanks again, you are a wizard and a great help too!"
From: Tom

"You are a awesome! I love what you came up with for my logo :) You hit the spot of what I was thinking of for my logo! You have done such a great job ..."
From: Marcia

"Keli Congrats on a job well done!!! I'm very proud of my new page you did a great job... Thank you so much"
From: Traci

"Love it! Love the changes, so much better.."
From: Linda

"Wow, Keli, Those are incredible! Thank you so very much! "
From: Susan S - Concerning Logos created by KeliE

"Thanks again for the site. I have had good feedback from clients...Again, thanks....you are wonderful."
From: Michelle S

"Thanks for the work, it looks great...BTW everyone likes the site, thanks"
From: Keely W

"Thank you for all your hard work on the web site. It looks great"
From: Monica M

"Thanks Keli, you made it too easy!!!"
From: Mike

"If you get a chance to work with her, snatch it up!"
From: Ramona

"Finally, someone who truly is an expert with web design and search engines! "
From: Jill

"Thanks again, you are a great help and I look forward to sending you our first payment, you are worth every penny and more."
From: Tom

" I was looking at the web site last night and I am really pleased with it you have done an excellent job........Things look great! I am really impressed."
From: Ava

"You are certainly very good at your job!!! Wow! We are all impressed with what you've given us!"
From: Mica

"I am very impressed of your superb job. I love it. THANKS A LOT KELI. YOU HAVE DONE AN EXCELLENT WORK. I APPRECIATE IT."
From: Cal

"Did you wave a magic wand or something?! My visits have gone through the roof and I'm getting and calls and emails every day. I have nothing left to sell, and wound up selling two import puppies this week because I don't have any. It's like nothing I've ever experienced before."
From: Jana