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Before the initial consultation, we ask that you fill out the following form to help us determine what your needs are and what areas to consider prior to the consultation and/or proposal. Please answer all of these items to the best of your ability. Include any additional information at the bottom of the checklist regarding your Real Estate Web site.

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1) Are you needing a redesign or a new Web site?
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New Web site

2) What audience(s) are you targeting? Families? First Time Home Buyers? Businesses? Who will be looking for your site? Who will become interested if they reach your site accidentally?

3) If you have an existing site, how long has it been online?

Your Business

1) Do you currently market your real estate Web site?

2) Do you have a logo? Do you need a logo? Logo redesign?

3) Do you have existing material for your product/idea in the form of brochures, pamphlets, CDs, video, flyers, etc? If yes please explain:

Time and Budget

1) What is the desired time frame for development of this Web site? Date of completion? When would you like development to start?

2) What is your budget?

Look and Feel

1) If you need a redesign, let us know EXACTLY what you do NOT like about your current site and what you would like to change :

2) Do you have any existing artwork or corporate color schemes (click here to see color samples) that you want incorporated into your site? If so are they in digital format or will the need to be scanned?

3) If you want pictures, how many will you need? Will you need us to take digital pictures?

4) Are there any Web sites you'd like us to follow or any Web sites that you like?

Layout - What Pages and Features do you need?

1) Do you intend to maintain the web site yourself?

2) Give us a brief overview of your project to help us determine how many pages your site will be. As an example, consider the following outline:

    -Our Founder
    -Company History
    -Featured Listings
    -MLS Search
    -Neighborhood Searches
    -Phone List
    -E-Mail Form
    -FAX Info

In the example above there are 16 pages (7 main pages with 9 sub pages) outlined. It is very helpful if you are able to provide an outline similar to this. You can view a similar chart here and even download a flow chart to help you plan. When you're done fax your outline to 505.822.8416 (this is optional but helpful to us both).

3) Check off pages you want below:
      Home (everyone has at the very least one page)
About Us/About the Company
Buying Information - Buyer Tips
City Information Area - links
Company Profile
Contact Us - forms and contact information
Forms/Contracts/Downloadable Materials
IDX - Information Data Exchange, provided by your local MLS
Links Area (for exchanging links with other similar sites)
Log in area to manage your listings (Listing Management Software)
Relocation Package & Information
Selling Information

Domain Information

1) Do you have a domain registered? If so, what is it:

If not, do you need us to register one for you?
What domain name have you chosen?
This is an extra charge of $20.00 a year.

2) Do you need Web hosting?

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