Client Planning Area - ECommerce and Shopping Carts

Sell services & products from your Web site.

Getting Started
Albuquerque ECommerce & Shopping Carts

The following information is to help give you an idea of what is needed in order to start the development of your online ECommerce project.

Product Information
How many products do you have? Do your products have a code associated with them? Do they have attributes such as different sizes (s, m, l, xl) and colors, (red, yellow, black)? We want to follow your existing business model as closely as possible in order to establish online branding that is consistent with your "brick and mortar" business.

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Shipping Costs
How do you calculate your shipping costs? Some people do it by range, others by weight. If you have an existing system to calculate your shipping we'll need to know all about it in order to incorporate it into your online shopping cart. Some of our solutions have modules that allow you to incorporate the UPS and FedEx shipping costs, there are many configurations you can use in your store - the same ones you use in your brick and mortar!

If the weight of your product determines shipping cost then we'll need the weight of each product represented on your Web site.

Do you have pictures of your products? If so, do they need to be optimized and/or resized for proper Web viewing? We'll need to know about the pictures and artwork you have for your products/services.

Product Descriptions
For every product we'll need a description. Concise, eye catching copy full of adjectives and your researched keyword phrases are best for attracting the attention of potential shoppers (and the search engine spiders!)

You'll need to supply the price for each of your products/services. This can be pretty involved especially if you have a situtations like:

We'll need the tax rates for your state so we can include that in the development of your ECommerce/shopping cart.