Website Planning (New or Old) | Web Site Design Process

A scenario of a typical Web design development project

Keep in mind that each and every Custom ABQ Web Design project we do is different; different clients require different needs. The following outline is to give you a BASIC idea concerning the flow of a typical Web design project. While the outline below is fairly standard, your project could deviate from what you see. You are unique and need to be treated as such!

1) What are your needs?
We start the process by having you fill out our quote form in order to gather information about your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals and more. We use this information to create an accurately priced proposal for your company. We also need a list of the EXACT pages you want on your site. We work with you to make sure the final proposal is your vision of how you want your project to go. Once the proposal is signed, we get to work!

2) Quotes, Proposals and Estimates, Oh My!
Once your information is evaluated a proposal is sent that includes the order of development/work you need along with all associated costs. If you accept our proposal just sign it and fax it back! We also require that our terms and agreement form be signed and faxed back at this time as well. Proposals are formulated by the amount of work involved, the number of pages needed and the complexity of the project. Please take into consideration that it could take up to three days to create a thorough proposal as every project is different and projects that are more complex usually take longer to analyze.

  • Once a proposal is executed (signed and sent back), any and all add on services/work, redesign on any level along with "after thoughts" will be considered additional work and will be billed accordingly.
  • Proposals are valid for 30 days.

3) We have an agreement? Let's start designing!
You agree, KeliE agrees, the paperwork is signed and faxed to us - time to get going! At this time a 50% retainer is due (a different retainer system is used for projects priced over $5K). Once received, your project starts. If you do not understand even the smallest of details PLEASE ASK FOR CLARIFICATION! Miscommunication and false expectations do NOT move the design process forward in a productive manner. At ANY time please contact KeliE about any concerns, questions or comments you have about your project. Communication is key!

4) Collecting Your Materials
Text, print, copy, brochures, logos, products, pictures, product weight & cost, ftp information, IDX information, domain information... we need it ALL to get your site going. The more you provide us with the better!

5) Mockup Sites and Sample Layouts
The fun part! KeliE puts together a mock-up (mock-ups are images we create to illustrate what a site will look like - once developed the site will look slightly different) for your company to critique, alter and discuss (or approve!) At this point we're trying to narrow down exactly what you're looking for with respect to design and layout - the visual ONLY. Your feedback is essential and welcomed during this process. The faster the feedback, the faster your project will move along. You are given three rounds of changes during the design process. If you still need design changes after three rounds your project is subject to the hourly design fee. The end goal here is producing a design you're 100% satisfied with. NOTE: It can take up to 10 business days to complete the initial mock-ups.

6) Site Architecture, Usability & Navigation
Navigation is one of the most important parts of your site. The last thing you want is a user getting lost on your site due to bad navigation and bad planning! Site architecture and usability is just as important. If your clients can't use your site or find it difficult to use then they probably won't hang around very long. We create a site that is intuitive to use, easy to navigate with a simple, yet appropriate, architecture. Win-win for everyone!

7) Working with Materials
Resizing photos, photo optimization, color sampling (for people who want to coordinate their corporate colors or logos with their site design to maintain branding), product weight & pictures and similar tasks are all done during this phase of the process. For projects that have more than two pictures per page (content area) we'll need to know about. Photo treatment is a time consuming task and we'll want to bid it properly for sites with a large number of photos. It may be we recommend a photo gallery for easy navigation, presentation and organization. Another win-win for everyone!

8) Development
Once we've finalized the design concept we'll start developing the site; adding your content, your pictures/graphics, adding forms, making links active. When development is done we're pretty much finished and can make your site live on the Internet IF YOU APPROVE. If you need the service of search engine optimization or other special circumstances, that will be ongoing. The site architecture and navigation is also taken into consideration during the development phase. Usability is something included in our designs. Why build a site if it isn't intuitive to your users? Consider usability DONE with us and YOUR design.

9) Home Page First!
We develop your home page first. The home page is typically the most viewed page of your site, your entry point. If you have requested that your site be optimized for search engines, we will begin optimization at this time.

10) Sub Pages Second
The sub-pages (based upon your approved design) are developed during this step. Forms, pictures addition and SEO are implemented at this time as well.

11) Web Site Completion and Debugging
KeliE has over 500 professional Web designers from around the world look at your site. These designers all have different browsers, computers, settings, configurations and connections - the only way to test your site for optimal performance is to have a wide sample of testers with various set ups. Real people looking at YOUR site.

12) We're done and your NEW site goes live!
Your site is uploaded to the your server (ours or yours), we may need to make some changes to your domain and then your site should be live on the Internet for the world to see! You can now start advertising your Web site, telling friends about it, business acquaintances and publish any print material that has your domain name. Your site goes live MOBILE FRIENDLY (responsive), rest assured. We also make sure your site is secure (has an SSL certificate) and we will work with you to obtain your SSL certificate.

13) Marketing Your Site
How will people find your site? We can optimize your Web site for the search engines to send your site targeted traffic. Targeted traffic refers to the traffic in which people looking for your exact services/products, an advertising medium that no other method of advertising can claim! All searches on the Internet begin with a search engine query using a very specific phrase (humans typically use Google) - this is where you want your site to be! We also do Facebook advertisting, the best paid for platform in the industry!

Let Me See!!!

My billing, my services, the itemized details of my bill, my design in progress, my search engine optimization!!! I want to see!!!!

You'll be able to see all of the above plus more in your own Client Garage that contains all the information above 24 hours a day. Anything missing you'd like to see? Contact us and let us know.