Client Planning Area - Flow Chart and Organization

Get organized when planning your Web site!

Organizing your site and creating a flowchart is a very important part of the planning of your Web site. It gives both you and your designer a visual of what the site will look like; essentially it's a map of your site and all the pages.

Let's talk about Web site flowcharts and site maps!
Every Web site has a homepage. It's the first page you see when you type in and it is also called the "root" of your site. From your homepage you might have several links or "subpages" such as PRODUCTS, CONTACT US, ABOUT US, etc. A flow chart of this scenario would look like:

Web Design Flow Chart

Now say you want to add some products: JELLY, JAM and SALSA. Your flowchart would now look like:

Web Design Planning

But wait! You make TWO types of salsa! One with red chile and one with green chile. Let's incorporate those pages into our flowchart. Now we get something that looks like this:

Adding Pages to your Website

The layout above would consist of 9 pages:

Products - main navigation item
Contact Us - main navigation item
About Us - main navigation item
Jelly - Subcategory of PRODUCTS
Jam - Subcategory of PRODUCTS
Salsa - Subcategory of PRODUCTS
Green Chile - Subcategory of SALSA
Red Chile - Subcategory of SALSA

This is a wonderful visual to help you create your site. It's helpful for you as well as your Web designer. Want to build your own layout? This online tool is free and have many options. It's a wonderful web-based flowchart generator that allows for the creation of free sitemap and flowchart design.

This infograph is one of the best flowchart / wire frame examples I've ever seen:
They're interactive so make sure to click the examples!
Website Flowcharts: Lines & Lables // Mini Frames