Client Planning Area: Web Design - ECommerce - SEO

Information & Resources to help plan your project

Use this section to help you plan and develop your project. Whether it be ECommerce development, a new Web site or search engine optimization, knowing what to expect and how the process works will help give you a pleasant journey towards your goals. Use the links below to guide you to the reference areas.

WEB DESIGN - Businesses & Realtors

Getting Started - The Web Design Process
Know what to expect during the development of your site. This is a great document that informs you of what happens along the way.

Flow Chart & Organization
How many pages will you need? What sub pages have you considered? Not sure? Use the tool mentioned near the bottom of our Web site flow chart page to create a visual "site map" of your site. Fax it or E-mail it to us if you like! This tool also allows US to log in and make edits and changes. A wonderful production tool.

Business Web Site Checklist
Creating an Internet presence to promote your business is more of a requirement than an option these days. Once you've decided to establish your business (or yourself, if you're the "brand") on the Internet, you will want a Web page that reflects you and your business to your satisfaction. Here are a few tasks – fun tasks! - to complete as you plan your Web site.

Web Site Checklist for Realtors & Real Estate Agents
Same document as above but aimed towards Realtors and Real Estate Agents.


Getting Started - The E-Commerce Development Process
Know what to expect during the development of your online store/shopping cart. What option is best for you? How will you take payments? What's a merchant account? These questions and many more are all answered in this section.

Accepting Payments Online
How do you plan on taking payments over the Web? Do you have a merchant account? Do you want to hand process your orders or have them automatically processed?


Getting Started - Search Engine Optimization
Knowing how to create your content and develop your keywords is one of the most important things you can do to start your search engine campaign. Use our information page to guide you through keywords research and the text used on your Web site plus much more.


Getting Started - The Logo/Banner Design Process
All businesses are not created equal. Neither should your online presence. We'll work with you to create a unique digital image that represents who you're all about. Whether for private use, business or family; we'll get the word across!