SEO is on the Rise

Press Release Mentioning Keli Etscorn as the Manager for the SEO Department

August 10, 2009

Forbes recently reported an anticipated $65 billion advertising shift from traditional marketing mediums (like the Yellow Pages) to the Internet in 2009.

As more and more businesses look in to how to gain a competitive edge on the Internet, they need to be aware of the potential impact of choosing a bad SEO firm.

Keli Etscorn, SEO Department Manager at, warns that “bad SEO tactics can result in your site not ranking in the search engines.”

So what is bad SEO?

Etscorn advises businesses to be wary of any SEO firm that promises to make a business’ Web site number one in the search engines.

“Unethical SEO firms often operate by misleading clients to believe that a number one position in the search engines is what SEO is all about. That’s not true,” said Etscorn. “SEO is about getting unique targeted traffic to your site. Think about it: who cares if your site holds the number one position for a phrase nobody ever types into the search engines. It doesn’t do you any good because it’s not driving any business to your site.”

Another thing to watch out for when looking for an SEO firm to optimize your business’ Web site is a company that promises to get you results by next week. While it is possible to exploit weaknesses in the search engines to obtain quick results, Etscorn warns that these results are not lasting.

According to Etscorn, “By engaging in underhanded tactics, the search engines can remove ranking consideration. Effective SEO takes time. If you want lasting results from your SEO, you have to do it right. You have to create relevant copy, you have to have a properly structured site, you have to focus on getting quality in-bound links, you have to understand what’s happening with your Web analytics and you have to make sure your site is being properly maintained.”

Additional things to look out for are firms that utilize tactics like keyword stuffing, hidden text and doorway pages. While this may generate traffic for a little while, it ultimately creates huge setbacks for businesses who are trying to solidify their presence online. creates solid SEO campaigns by designing Web sites that communicate clearly and ethically with the search engines. They take the time necessary to engineer Web sites that rank well in the search engines through statistical analysis and strategic planning.

As businesses seek to land at the top of the search engines for relevant key term phrases, is there to provide ethical and effective SEO.