Albuquerque SEO Costs & Pricing

SEO: Aged Domain vs a New Domain

The costs of SEO vary and depend on many factors:

1) Web Site Age
2) Competition
3) Indexed Pages (how many of your Web site pages does Google "see"?)
4) Quality and Quantity of your Site Content
5) Existing Spamming Techniques, if Any
6) Backlink Profile

and much more... in fact Google examines at about 300 "signals" when assigning ranking to your Web site. They also make ~600 changes to their algorithm a year. It's imperative that you not only have the more important signals reflected correctly in your Internet marketing practices but they MUST also be implemented properly in order for your site to be successful.

How much will SEO cost me? (How long is a piece of string)

When you buy a car, there are many factors involved: model, options, age, features, stereo system, warranty, etc. The same is true for pricing SEO in Albuquerque. All sites, features and needs must be evaluated before we give you a concrete price. One of the first things we'll want to know is the age of your Web site, does it have spamming practices, great content? These few items alone can sometimes determine which SEO package will meet your expectations and Internet marketing goals.

Typically we steer people towards our monthly pricing matrix. This is where 90% of Web sites will fall when it come to pricing. Exceptions to this pricing model are given to sites that are well received in Google that also have an aged domain. For instance, if you have a brand new site, you'll more than likely be put into a monthly retainer. If you have an old domain (8 years or more) you're looking at smaller fee than the prices on our SEO pricing page. Pricing depends on many different factors as each project is different. Our goals is to exceed YOUR expectations when it comes to your search engine optimization project here in Albuquerque (and the world!)

Here is a great article on SEO pricing. The monthly retainer model has the best ROI (return on investment) and that is what we typically do here. A typical monthly retainer is $750-$5,000 per month however we try and access the needs of our client's in order to give them the biggest bang for their buck.

SEO Consulting

If you're just needing consulting by the hour, we charge hourly via prepaid blocks starting at $300 an hour. Buy 5 blocks? Get a 5% discount, Buy 10 blocks? Get a 10% discount. There are many ways we work as a consultant, the most popular is for us to go over the site and make a *list* of tasks that must be done. Those lists are parted out to those people who perform the tasks needed and then executed. All our current consulting clients have been with us since 2002 and have had success in doing it this way. These client typically like to be a bit more involved with their sites than our regular monthly SEO client and are pretty technical as well. When you are a consulting client, you are charged for phone calls, E-mails and of course any tasks we perform. ALL of this is noted in detail and kept in your client garage. When you get down to your last 15 minutes of consulting time, an E-mail is sent asking if you want to re up. Sometimes a client just needs to talk to a seasoned SEO for an hour or so to make sure they're up to date with their practices, the other clients we've had since 2006 (and we haven't lost a one since) need ongoing SEO but on their own time frame, when they have time and as needed. All parties have been very successful.

Industry Articles Regarding Pricing

SEO Pricing Article 1:

SEOMoz (now "Moz") ran an SEO pricing survey consisting of 600 SEOs; this was in December of 2011 so the data is fairly recent. The survey asked respondents questions about their SEO pricing models and cost structures. The survey represents 5 geographical regions and has a wide distribution of results. This makes sense because no two SEO projects are the same and there are no "one size fits all" SEO pricing model. Each site must be carefully evaluated to determine what type of costs are involved.

What fell out of this report?**
- Hourly SEO pricing varies across countries however... $76-$500/hour is the most common price.
- By-the-project pricing is commonly $1,000 - $7500.
- Monthly pricing. The two ranges for SEO based upon a monthly fee were: $251-$500/month & $2501-$5,000/month.

** our pricing model is right on target!

Interested in the full pricing model survey? Follow the link in the previous sentence. Great information to have when looking for a professional SEO company.

SEO Pricing Article 2:

How much does a car cost? Depends on the make, model, year, features, upgrades, warranties... you get the idea. It's the same with SEO. No two projects are alike and you can't price them all the same. There are many factors you have to take in to consideration when pricing an SEO project. This article about SEO pricing is WONDERFUL and sums up how you'd price an SEO project in Albuquerque (or anywhere else in the world!)

SEO Pricing Article 3:

Small businesses still want $500 SEO. For an SEO company to really get in and do the work needed now days, $500 just isn't a feasible budget. If you're serious about your online marketing strategies you need to be just as serious about your advertisting budget.

Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Things to be Suspicious of:

- Companies that offer guarantees. We don't own Google so how can we promise something based upon something we don't own? Google even mentions this in their own TOS. Run from companies that mention this!

- Instant Results - this is something you'll never get in SEO. It's a patience game and takes a lot of work and some time to get those results you've paid your SEO company for. This is especially true if you have a brand new site. Your SEO company should fully inform you of the time and work it's going to take to get that targeted traffic from the search engines.

- #1 in Google - if an SEO company promises you that your site will be #1 if you go with them, again, run from them.

- SEO Companies that have Proprietary (Secret) Methodology and Techniques They Won't Share - There is no secret sauce, we all do it differently. If you're getting good SEO you're probably paying a pretty penny for it and you should be allowed to see what is being done to your site at any time.

Optimize your site right the first time to enjoy the traffic later!