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Search Engine Optimization for Realtors!

How will others find your site?

Your beautiful new Web site is live and on the Internet. You have wonderful search features, city information and a great relocation package. Have you asked yourself, *How will people find my Web site?*

"A Web site without any marketing is like putting up a billboard in the desert."

Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing
for Real Estate Agents

Did you know that 80% of people looking for something on the Internet start with a search engine? The search engine they're using is probably Google and that is where you want your Web site to be!

Usually search engine optimization is planned along with the development of your new Web site. That way the necessary elements are included at the ground stage instead of later (which can cost more... think of building a house and adding on extra rooms later).

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Web Site Optimization since 1997

We've been optimizing Web sites for a long time, mostly for Realtors! We understand that each market different and that it's necessary to have certain elements in a Web site if you want it to be successful. Get a free quote today - it's important that your Web site shows up in Google, right up top. Why? That is where your competition is.

Other search engine services:

  • Web Site Audit - is your site search engine friendly? Obey all the search engine rules? Find out with our thorough Web site audit. It may be that certain practices are preventing your Web site from performing optimally.
  • Search Engine Optimization - we optimize your site around researched keyword phrases to help you bring in the clients!
  • Seed List & Keyword Research - The first and most important part of optimizing your site is keyword research. You and I can probably think of some GREAT phrases, but are people searching on them? Optimizing your site around phrases no one uses will NOT bring you targeted traffic.
  • Social Media Marketing - Are you on board with Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Do you blog? This is the NEW marketing and it's here to stay. We can either set up a Twitter/Facebook/Blog to match your current Web site OR do all your Facebooking, Twittering and Blogging FOR YOU! We have a team of professional copywriters ON SITE waiting to write for YOU so that you can concentrate on what you do best! Writing, research, engaging with your followers and grabbing someone's attention takes time. Let us do it for you the "write" way :)