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Albuquerque Web Design & Albuquerque SEO | KeliE Albuquerque Web Design & SEO since 1997-Who should design your Web site? A team with experience or someone with a 'neat hobby'? Free quotes for Web design and search engine optimization [SEO] in Albuquerque!

Company Information

Contact an EXPERIENCED Albuquerque SEO Professional or Web Site Designer Today! : Need a REAL Web designer? Want an Albuquerque SEO professional? Contact us today! Our head designer has created over 500 sites and specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). What we can do for you? Let us know and we'll send you a FREE proposal!

Pricing & Costs: Web Site Design-Development-Search Engine Optimization : Although all projects are different, you can get an idea of what your project will cost by viewing our prices and cost list below. For an actual project cost, please fill out one of our quote forms.

About KeliE | Albuquerque Web Designer & SEO Specialist : Who is KeliE? Inquiring minds want to know! Surf on in to learn about Albuquerque Web designer Keli Etscorn. Since 1997 she has designed and optimized of over 500 Web sites and she's still kicking! She also specializes in search engine placement, Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Resume of Keli Etscorn: Mathematics-Computer Science-Search Engine Optimization-Web Design : Resume of Web designer, mathematician, ECommerce developer and SEO (search engine optimization) specialist Keli Etscorn. Located in Albuquerque New Mexico and optimizing the WORLD!

Free Quotes

Quote Form - Custom Web Design in Albuquerque | KeliE : What do you want your Web site to do? How do you want it to look?Fill out the worksheet below and let us know. We'll send you a soft quote that outlines the cost and work involved in developing your Web site.

Quote Form: Real Estate Website Site Design in ABQ | KeliE : Fill out our Real Estate Website quote form for a free quote! Based upon your needs, we will send you a soft quote to let you know how much your real estate Web site project will cost.

Quote Form: Search Engine Optimization in Albuquerque | KeliE : Fill out our worksheet to get an idea of our search engine optimization costs. Every project is different and unique, just like your business. Our worksheet will help us to give you an accurate quote for your SEO needs.

Quote Form: Social Media Marketing Services-Albuquerque SMM Consulting Firm : Fill out our social media marketing worksheet in order to help us under stand your social media needs. All SMO projects are different just like all businesses are different. SMM quote and pricing form.

Quote Form: Albuquerque ECommerce-Pricing-Shopping Cart Solution : Get Ecommerce pricing by simply filling our worksheet. Get an idea of how much your Ecommerce shopping cart solution will cost. Pricing worksheet for Albuquerque ECommerce Web site Development.

Quote Form: Logo Design-Banner Design-Graphic Design-Albuquerque New Mexico : Logo, graphic design and banner worksheet for a free quote.

Quick Contact Forms

Search Engine Optimization Quote Form | KeliE : Want to get on top of Google? Tired of seeing your competitors on top? Contact Albuquerque professional search engine marketing specialist KeliE today to find out what her SEO company can do for you!

Contact an Albuquerque Web Site Designer : Use our quick form to find out about Albuquerque Web design. Since 1997 we've been creating Web sites to represent YOUR business and accomplish your Internet goals.

Web, Logo and ECommerce Services

Web Site Evaluation Services-Website Marketing Audit : Is your site ready for the search engines? Order our site audit and find out! Correct mistakes now so you don't get banned from Google later. Our detailed report includes an analysis of

Albuquerque Custom Web Site Design-Custom Website Design : We don't need no stinkin' templates! Expect the best when you have us custom design a Web site design for your company or business. Need a redesign? We got you covered! Located in Albuquerque and designing Web sites for the world!

E Commerce-Shopping Cart Development-Selling Online-Albuquerque-ECommerce : Let our Albuquerque based developers create you a shopping cart to start your selling your products or services online! Buy one now, add to cart, coupons, 1000's of products-no development project is too large or too small.

Albuquerque Web Design & SEO Services | KeliE : Albuquerque Web design & SEO since 1997-We have you covered! Check out our services ranging from: Web design (for real estate agents and small businesses), search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing and Ecommerce. Your one-stop-shop for Web design, computer help and more!

Internet Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM)

SEO Costs & Packages in ABQ- KeliE : Albuquerque search engine optimization (SEO): pricing and packages offered by KeliE, Albuquerque's first search engine optimization specialist having set up shop in 1997!

Albuquerque SEO Costs & Pricing | KeliE : Albuquerque SEO costs & pricing. Did you know the age of your site can make a huge difference in how well your site will do in the search engines? Ask KeliE! She's one of the first SEO's in Albuquerque and still here. Find out why!

SEO Services-Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization [SEO] Services : Can you find your site in Google? I bet you can find your competition! Talk to us about our SEO services, we've been performing search engine optimization (SEO) services in Albuquerque (and for the world!) successfully since 1997!

Professional Keyword Research & Analysis in ABQ | KeliE : Professional keyword research and analysis. Create a seed list, the for your search engine optimization [SEO] project. Keyword research and analysis is the first step and most important step when it comes to optimizing your site for the search engines. Do it right the first time!

Albuquerque SEO Services | KeliE : Can you find your site in Google? If not time for some SEO (search engine optimization) services. We'll talk to you about getting your site to the top, we've been performing search engine optimization (SEO) services in Albuquerque (and the world!) successfully since 1997!

Search Engine Submission and Registration-SEO MYTH! : There is simply NO NEED to submit your site to 1000's of engines when people mainly use one - and that is GOOGLE and that is where you want YOUR SITE to be!

Social Media Marketing (SMM)-Albuquerque Consulting Services : Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - what does it all mean? Since 1997, Internet marketing has been our specialty and it shows! When it comes to YOUR business be sure to consult with a seasoned professional regarding best practices for making your social media marketing (SMM) efforts work for YOU and YOUR company!


Portfolio || Banners and Graphic Design in Albuquerque : A portfolio of banners done by the team at KeliE. Albuquerque Web design since 1997.

Portfolio || Logo Design-Graphic Design-Albuquerque New Mexico : A sample of our logos, banners and graphics design done for various companies.

Feedback-Testimonials About KeliE-Albuquerque Web Design : What are they saying about Albuquerque Web designer KeliE? Check out her testimonials and feedback. Keli has designed over 300 sites.

Our Portfolio: Business & ECommerce Sites | Albuquerque : You too can have a site that looks like this! View the portfolio of Albuquerque Web designer and search engine optimization specialist Keli Etscorn. Keli has designed over 500 sites.

Portfolio || Before & After Website Redesigns - Albuquerque : Check out our Web site redesigns! A list of some before and after Web sites by Albuquerque Web Designer KeliE. Does your site need a new look or a make over? Let's talk!

KeliE in the News

News Articles and Press Releases | KeliE in Albuquerque : KeliE in the news! Read about head Web designer and search engine optimization specialist KeliE in press releases and news articles.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions-New Mexico Web Design Service-Albuquerque : Terms and conditions for Web design services by KeliE Consulting and Design. Located in Albuquerque, Keli has been providing services locally and globally since 1997! See why!

Albuquerque Information & Resources

Important Phone Numbers-Albuquerque Emergency Phone Numbers : Important and emergency phone numbers for Albuquerque. Utilities, services, transportation, gas, electric, hospitals, schools and more.

Albuquerque Resources-Things to do in Albuquerque New Mexico-Information-Tourists : Come on in and check out cool things to do in Albuquerque NM!! A collection of information and resources about our city and state. Find movies, museums, state parks, important phone numbers, things for kids, tourist attractions and more!

Real Estate Agent Services

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization-SEO : Search engine optimization and Internet marketing for Real Estate Agents since 1997! Do you have a sound marketing plan for your real estate Web site? Can it be found in Google? We're experts when it comes to driving targeted traffic to real estate sites - ask us about our proven results!

Albuquerque IDX Solutions for Realtors-IDX Real Estate Web Design : Do you have an IDX solution that you need added to your Web site? Have questions about IDX and how it'll work with your real estate Web site? Give us a call! Adding IDX to Web sites is something that we specialize in. Let us handle the tech work so you can concentrate on what you do best - selling homes!

Albuquerque Real Estate Web Site Design : Real estate Web site design since 1997! We're located in Albuquerque but we've been developing real estate websites agents around the country. Check out portfolio to get an idea of what we can do for you!

Tips and Helpful Information

Tips Galore! Blogs-Twitter Feeds-Industry News-Albuquerque Search Engine Optimization : Our list of my favorites tools and resources when it comes to keeping up with the industry. Must read blogs, Twitter feeds, newsletters & more!

Hex Color Chart-Color Information-Color for Web Sites : Color chart of the Web safe colors along with some color articles and information. Web designer resources since 1997!

Client Planning Area: Font Samples-Fonts Used in Web Site Design : The client planning area was crated to help you get started with the development of your Web site. This area features font examples features the fonts you can use on your Web site.

Web Design & SEO Articles

Articles: SEO, Web Site Checklist, How To Find A Web Designer : Articles written by KeliE that contain information about search engine marketing, managing expectations, finding a Web designer, link exchanging and Web site checklists.

Articles: Search Engine Optimization - SEO-What to Expect : A broad overview of the search engine optimization (SEO) process that will give you a better idea of what to expect. It's important that the client knows what to expect when their site is optimized for the search engines. SEO articles written by KeliE.

Articles: Search Engine Optimization - So where's my ranking?? : Your newly optimized Web site just went live. So far there hasn't been one order, the phone hasn't rung and you're wondering... so where's my ranking??? This article will help to explain how long a site can take to rank. This was written in the hopes of managing client expectations when it comes to their newly optimized site and their ranking in Google.

Articles: Web Site Marketing Tips : Internet marketing tips and ideas for your Web site and how to get it out there. Article by search engine marketing professional Keli Etscorn. SEO & SEM Tips!

Client Planning Information & Resources

Client Planning Area: Web Design - ECommerce - SEO in ABQ | KeliE : Use this section to help you plan your project. Knowing what to expect and how the process works will help us to give you a pleasant journey towards the end goal. Use the links below to guide you to the reference areas for a more detailed over view.

Client Planning Area: Web Design Process-Planning your New Web Site : The client planning area to help you get started with the development of your new Web site. Things to consider when putting together your Web site - information, design process and tips for your new Web site.

Client Planning Area: Flow Chart-Organization of your Web Site : Use this flow chart to help you plan the design of your Web site. Information, tips and help that you might need when planning your Web site.

Client Planning Area: ECommerce and Shopping Cart Solution : The client planning area to help you get started with the development of your shopping cart and ECommerce. Albuquerque ECommerce and shopping cart solutions in Albuquerque New Mexico!

Client Planning Area: Taking Payments Online-Tips and ECommerce Information : The things to consider when taking payments online. ECommerce information, help and tips - how to take money online for your products or services.

Client Planning Area: Professional Search Engine Optimization [SEO] in Albuquerque : Things to consider when you optimize your Albuquerque Web site for the search engines. Hire a professional search engine marketing firm - get it done right the FIRST time!

Client Planning Area: Albuquerque Graphic Design-Banner Design-Logo Design : Information about the design process when it comes to creating your logo or banner. Know what to expect when your logo is being developed! Graphic design for logos, banners, print materials and much more! Albuquerque logo an banner designers.

ECommerce Information

E-Commerce Information-Tips-Taking Orders Online-Accepting Credit Cards : E-Commerce tips and information on how to take orders online. SSL, processors, gateways, accepting credit cards and merchant accounts explained.

E-Commerce FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions: Ordering Online-SSL Certificates-ECommerce : Frequently asked questions about ECommerce, merchant accounts, gateway processors, and more. Learn what it means to have a secure site, an SSL certificate and other important topics when considering selling products online.